Hi. My name is Christian Parpart and this is my very basic blog-style homepage.

Here is my (usually) most up-to-date curriculum vitae.

My Personal Interests

  • Everything around HTTP, including HTTP/2, HTTPS, SNI, and server implementations.
  • Virtual machines, so I invented Flow, a control flow programming language, used in the x0 HTTP web server as the configuration language. I especially enjoy creating programming language parsers all the way down to the virtual machine code generation.
  • I like it low-level, especially since I always wanted to create my own operating system, but luckily I found Linux, so now I am pretty high level in terms of C, C++, and CPU cache level micro optimizations.

My Open Source Projects

  • x0 - HTTP web server and framework (in modern C++)
  • kafkaping - a Kafka ping/pong latency measuring CLI (in C++)
  • compose - a small C++ library for accessing containers functional-style (in C++)
  • supervisor - a process supervisor tool (in C++)
  • mmsd - Mesos Marathon Service Discovery (in Go)
  • captury - OpenGL/X11 (Linux) video capturing client (in C++)
  • libcaptury - OpenGL/X11 (Linux) video capturing framework (in C++)
  • Atemi - customizable World of Warcraft AddOn for watching enemy cooldowns (in LUA)
  • pixie - a distributed hierarchical key-value store, pretty much like ZooKeeper or Chubby - yet to be open-sourced, work in progress (written in C++)

Other Projects

  • I have been creating and maintaining a role-play-gaming chat platform with the web app in Ruby 2 and Rails 3, and the chat backend in C++, that does still exist (since over 10 years now), that I would like to spend some more time in modernizing once again ;-)

My Blog Posts